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Begin your journey and experience a new world after the devastating war between men and machine. Demons at he Horizon (D.e.a.t.H) its taking you to a prehistoric world similar to ours, full of adventure and excitement.
Your story is told through a character from one of the five factions. All these races from different worlds merged and brought in the new world begin their tale with your help. Choose from the various professions and abbilities that determine your characters personality and playstyle, and enjoy the exploration of the new world.
Demons at the Horizon comes with full MMOTRPG and MMORPG support. Share your game experience ,invite your friends and take this epic journey together. Explore, adventure, invent and quest across un unforgiving world. Take part in epic battles and gain your faction more power.
A new world awaits...


What is Demons at the Horizon?

Demons at the Horizon is the new title from Nordicplan Entertainment created as an epic MMOTRPG. Taking place on a new world after a devastating war between man and machines. The few survivors will have to rebuild their once advanced society from start while battling between factions and towards native beasts.

Demons at the Horizon is a PvP focused MMOTRPG that also contains impressive PvE battles and a complete new Hardcore model.

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What is the story of Demons at the Horizon?

Following the lost war against machine, a small few escaped to a new planet where technology was lost over generations. Five realms raised a war to control power over ancient artifacts that grant incredible power to the protecting realm. Reminding history of the machines roaming the universe after civilisations to enslave.

The new civilisation will be built on hostile realms, it's up to the leaders to build defences towards powerful beasts and make alliances with the native habitants of the new planet.

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War against machines? Is this a sci-fi game then?

No, the game history talks about a high technology society lost in the war. The characters in this game are without any technology and will have to rebuild the world. The timeline at the start of the game would be early fantasy. The game will evolve through a timeline that the community of players drive themselves through an advanced player versus developer system.

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What new features can we expect to see in Demons at the Horizon?

Demons at the Horizon will be based on a new online framework called MMOTRPG that comes with features never seen before in a more traditional MMORPG.

This new framework allows new gamers mixed challenges and types never seen together in an MMO before. You can read about two of them below, but there is more to come. No limitations, you are allowed to do anything, some things however might be risky, like building your house outside of a dragons den.

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Explore a world ever changing, create maps, find new challenges and be a part of the progressing time line. Find ways for safe passage to enter new worlds.

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In this world nothing is for free and the new world will not survive the challenges presented without new inventions. Bring your guild, alliance, realm and world forward, before others grow more powerful.

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What can you tell us about the races in Demons at the Horizon?

Each realm will have five human races; based on the original planet they arrived from. Earth, the planet they arrived to will have at least 4 additional standard races.

Each realm will also have two groups of classes; for now lets call them the little ones and the giants. Each character will be presented on the website in time.

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Is there any difficulty settings or scaling in Demons at the Horizon?

The simple way of answering this question would be yes, the more advanced answer could take a really long time to explain. So let me settle with something in between.

Your character would have the ability to gain strength and power through levelling. Not like the traditional leveling as you see in many games. We are more focused on skills. The skill that you choose doesn't have a physical cap to it. You can level a skill to an unlimited level. There are several challenges connected towards gaining more power this way. You can adventure and find new areas as your power increases that wasn't available to you before.

There are also different battle areas between realms, guilds and alliances. Where you can battle and challenge other players as you gain strength.

Finally we have the ultimate end game challenge based on a brand new Hardcore model never seen in a MMO before.

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Will there be an auction house in Demons at the Horizon?

There will be ways of trade between players, we have however redesigned the traditional auction house you see in games today.

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Will there be a beta for Demons at the Horizon?


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When is Demons at the Horizon going to be released?

When it's ready, we will not release a half made game.

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What's the price for Demons at the Horizon ? Will there be a Collector's Edition?

The price has not been set yet; yes there will be a collector's edition release.

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What languages will Demons at the Horizon be in?

At release the game will be fully localized into English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, European Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Korean and Traditional Chinese.

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What are the supported platforms for Demons at the Horizon?

Full releases on MAC and PC including Linux.

Limited release functions on IOS, Android and Windows Phone. The functions will be limited to the device performance and not the game.

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